Ideas that are borderline genius

June 21, 2013

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  • angie

    Ok…shopping cart idea is flipping it the cemetery orchard!

  • john

    176 characters ya!

  • Dillon Cartwright

    All these ideas are man made. When will we just sit back and allow God to take over? Have we all gone mad?

  • Tot

    The girl in the gold dress would obviously be the transvestite. She’s the only one NOT wearing a skin-tight skirt that would otherwise accentuate certain parts.

  • Nitin R Bodke

    Do you want tweeter to close down?

  • Siebte

    The one for the Twitter comments isn’t so hot of an idea, seeing as the odds that the person who thought of that has an IQ greater than 140 are exceptionally slim.

  • Amari Bella

    I love the plant a tree idea and the election idea is actually very rational.

  • Ron M

    Yes to the collapsible Trolley

  • Ron M

    yes to the cemetery idea

  • disqus_KBLreEHeGO

    Don’t know how to spell “held”?

  • Samantha Skidmore

    The tree idea is lovely, but it could not be done in a cemetery to take the place of headstones as the trees would be planted far too close to each other to be able to live healthily.

    But I do like the idea of a tree being planted in memory of every death, just not as an orchard.

    • Dark_Durian

      It just means, you can’t put them as close when you plant. You can also find different areas to plant them.

    • David Johnson

      I was going to make this same point. It’s a lovely idea, but to keep all the roots from crowding each other and choking off the trees around them, cemeteries would have to be spaced out to an impractical size.

  • MrDev

    The Microwave idea is the best

  • steven s

    the movie lovelace does a two part a comedy from the director’s point of view and a version from linda’s view

  • hub

    tweet limit genius but should also apply to online comme

  • BBakeca

    Great ideas..specially the last one!

  • madjayhawk

    Congressmen should be chosen by random drawing from a pool of people made up of anyone interested in the job.

    The president should be chosen by calling a number after one flamboyant debate produced by the producers of American Idol. Everyone could call in as many times as they wanted for 1 of 10 candidates.

    Or run it like March Madness. 64 candidates battle it out in different games like Chess, Life, Parcheesi, Checkers, Monopoly, horseshoes, ring toss, until one is left over a two week period.

    All trials should be decided by mob rule. A mob would gather outside the courthouse and not watch or listen to the evidence. Whichever side screamed the loudest determines guilt or innocence.

    • Wyrmskyld

      I strongly agree with your first suggestion, madjay. Except you left out a word. Congressmen should be chosen by random drawing from a pool of people made up of anyone NOT interested in the job. By no means should anyone be allowed into public office if they actually want the job.

  • miko

    he tree planting instead of tomb stone is really the best thing in this list cuz its not really hard to do, when i die ill request my family to plant a tree over me but put a temporary tiny tomb stone while the tree goes soo that they will now where im buried and when that tree grows they can carve the info on my tomb stone to the tree when it is fully mature that would be epic

    • madjayhawk

      Be cremated and have your ashes spread over Detroit.

      One guy wanted his ashes spread over the playing field in Lambeau Field in Green Bay where the Packers play. He died and his family asked the Packers if they could do it and they said no. So the family members put small bags of his ashes in their pants and took a tour of the stadium and released the ashes onto the playing field as they walked around.

  • Prof59

    All girl band with one transvestite? It’s been done!

    Sorry, Posh.

  • Jester2012

    I’ve seen lists like this before but this is the first one I’ve seen that all need to happen haha

  • RubRobsBob

    The dual sided movie has actually been written. Believe it or not it was a World of Warcraft screenplay; one side as alliance and one as horde. Luckily they scrapped it before they began shooting.

  • charles freeman

    alcohol already available in foil pouches…try again

  • Joy76

    Last idea is the very best.

  • Deborah Brett

    I love the olympics idea. It could be done with ticket sales – when buying the tickets you have the option of submiting your name for drawing as the benchmark contestant. First three drawn are notified in advance (potential need for understudies). Get an official ‘olympic compeditor’ medal and certificate to hang on the wall.

    It would be awsome! We should start a petition to the olympic committee – the olympics should be for everyone, and now they can be for the average ones as well.

  • Jessica

    yall are all a bunch of sour puss know it alls. these are funny!

  • ShieldsCW

    Hooray for white text on a white background! Retards! While I’m at it, autistic kids should be euthanized.

  • milton

    these are dumb. sorry.

  • Ellen

    The only one I have a problem with is the Twitter IQ thing. First off, the average IQ is less than 110. Plus, I’ve heard that Twitter reduced the character limit anyway.

    • Dave

      The average iq is actually exactly 100, hence it is an intelligence quotant

      • We Don’t Need No Water

        Ellen’s problem with the twitter IQ idea is that hers is far, far below the 140 character limit.

        • Ryan Jacob Palica

          Ellen is actually accurate. She’s referencing the average IQ range since there is a standard deviation above and below 100 that encompasses the average IQ. 68% of the population isn’t scoring exactly 100.

          • David Johnson

            No, not accurate. The Bell Curve of IQ scores is centered on 100 because it is THE average score, no standard deviation. However, an individual’s score DOES have a standard deviation. Small detail, but an important one.

            Source: My Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

          • Ryan Jacob Palica

            My source is a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with education in administering the WAIS-IV. I also have a full-time job in which I’m required to write assessments often interpreting cognitive functioning assessment scores…if you want to get into a pissing contest. Let’s not throw paper credentials around as though they stand on their own.

          • Sage

            That’s a very interesting source there, considering Googling your name only led to other times you’ve acted like a smartass online

  • Plough Well

    Nice. I especially like the idea about the hero/villain movie, and the Olympics. Although, I’m sure more than a few of the average person would die trying to keep up with Olympians.

    • We Don’t Need No Water

      This is where it gets awkward….. There’s no mention of a hero/villain movie..

      • derbs18

        Check number 6, smartass.

        • neho


        • T-Rex

          It’s awkward because it’s already happened. Letters from Iwo Jima, and Flags of Our Fathers beat you to it.

          • Colman

            Also done with The Chronicles of Riddick, it can be watched from the side of Riddick or the Necromongers

  • Bakeca Incontri Milano

    The cemetery idea is very good … planting a tree or plant instead of a tomb stone is awesome for our planet

    • neho

      Yeah but a huge percentage of the world wrongly or rightly believe that the world was put here for them by some magic being and it’s theirs to use as they wish so why save it…like saving the cardboard your T.V. comes in.

      • Ron M

        believers in God etc?

      • johnjacobjingleheimer

        Further proof of how douchey Atheists are.

        • Finkel

          Says the serf who thinks all humans deserve nothing less than eternal torture for the crime of using the brains and expressing our free will not to believe in something on NO evidence. You got nothing pal. *Nothing*.

          • johnjacobjingleheimer

            Wow, you just proved my point. Not everyone who is a Christian or even believes in God thinks we can just destroy the Earth for the sake of progress or anything else. I myself am all for solar energy. Oil and gas aren’t going to last forever.

          • Finkel

            You didn’t make a point. You made a gross generalisation about the personalities of billions of people you’ve never met – because they think differently to you.

            You’re all for solar power? Good for you and glad to hear it, but don’t make blanket assertions that you can’t even begin to justify.

          • Amanda Davidson

            Just like you made a blanket statement about all believers in God. Seriously this argument is overdone and ridiculous. Let people believe what they want and leave it at that.

          • Finkel

            “Let people believe what they want and leave it at that.”

            In what way am I not “letting” people believe what they like? How am I stopping people from believing things by writing a few internet comments. Is your ‘belief’ so fragile that it can’t withstand the slightest challenge?

            Making certain blanket statements about religions is common and justified because they’re built from doctrines/text. Eg, would you still label yourself a christian if you’d never been introduced to the christian bible? The argument isn’t anywhere near over because there are still billions of people who believe those old books.

            Think about the last suicide bomb that went off, the last honor killing, the last genital mutilation etc – these are almost entirely ‘faith’ based problems.A woman was sentenced to 40 lashes for the crime of driving a car recently, two women were killed for dancing in the rain by people of faith – and you’re telling me the argument is over?

            Condemning critique of religion is akin to saying “STAY SUBMISSIVE” to the millions of people who are oppressed by it every day. Honestly – what’s more important to you – equality, fairness, freedom of speech etc or “Letting people believe what they want and leaving it at that” in case we ‘offend’ the spineless, dogmatic wimps who try and curtail critique of their chosen myth?

          • poorboyluke

            Woah….that was….woah

          • hannah

            It’s amazing how fast a simple idea for eco-friendly graveyards can go to a full-fledged hate battle about religion. Whether you believe in a god or not, it’s time to stop shoving it in each others faces and instead accept that you think differently from one another.

          • Carl Sagan

            Go away retard, nobody cares about your imaginary friend

      • dre

        that was retarded you idiot for the ppl that believe in God, God said cultivate and take care of the earth not destroy it because im magic fucktards like you kill me tryna warp ppls perspective of God

    • Tsq

      Until the roots from the trees unearth all the caskets…

      • Draa Izil Uss

        umm actually by then the tree will have grown large enough that it would probably use the box for supplements.

      • TheNotchyToad

        It makes no sense that some people actually want a non-degradable, water proof, casket to last for all time with a soup of your organic material puddled in a corner. Even went to one funeral where they had a radio guaranteed to work for so many hours (which equated to years) in a freakin casket that was about to be buried 6 feet down..just don’t get it. Make me ashes, plant a tree over me and call it good.

        • Eatyourheartout

          Depends what was playing on the radio. Spooky music, no idea of the source, middle of the cemetry…oooo eeery

    • ferra

      how can I Get your phone?

    • Samuel Hamilton

      dont know if thats your real pic but damn

    • Joe

      it’s done already, the last funeral i attended was exactly as described, a tree instead of a headstone and a biodegradable coffin.

      • Desiree Evans

        Ive seen this too. Awesome.

    • Alice Echo

      The problem with changing headstones for trees is the maintenance. The tree could possible get sick, can’t be fixed, and die. That would be tragic for the deceased’s family. The idea is lovely, but unfortunately, like the person it was meant to represent, the tree is not guaranteed to have a long existence.

      • Palli Singh

        You sir are an idiot.

        • hannah

          That was incredibly rude. She brought up a good point, and whether or not there was an easy counter argument, you don’t have to make personal attacks and blanket statemtents

          • Palli Singh

            It was a direct statement and its will remain the same because there is no counter argument to incoherent paragraphs.Secondly, no matter if the trees get disease,wither,die (which will not happen) still its the one of the many ideas we have to work on immediately for a green and healthy future,but you would put your own misplaced feelings over the future of Earth,your children and mine.. .You are selfish.The dead under the ground don’t care and neither should anybody else.They should actually feel proud putting a tree there,i know i would.

      • Leon Teale

        plant a new one. done. its just like a headstone breaking in bad weather or degrading over time.

    • sara

      Awesome for the planet, but also awesome for survivors. It would be much more pleasant to remember someone by visiting a forest.

    • rustupid

      Actually no. The point of a graveyard is a place to bury the dead. Tell me how a tree is going to grow on top of a coffin. A tree needs deep rots which obviously wouldn’t be possible.

      • Leon Teale

        you sir are an idiot

      • fujak

        hahahahaha…omg…are you for real????

    • hodorhodor

      This already exists in the UK!