There’s a reason dogs are mans best friend

February 12, 2013

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Roy are mans best friend-22



  • dmacid

    I love these pics. They make me feel good.

  • amanda

    cat litter one is totally like our lab! seriously laughed my a$$ off!! LOUDLY!…by myself….. like an idiot:P

    • Phil

      Welcome to our world. Everyone who works at all the starbucks in our area thinks we’re crazy people.

  • David Sumeray

    They are simply wonderful, heart-opening beings

  • Cindy Siebert

    Dogs are absolutely the best!

  • Thick Helmet

    Hilarious!!! Dogs are the best!

  • Luna

    I laughed so hard that I choked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slade

    funny dogs

  • Daidra Scheele

    LOL!! These were great! :D

  • rhyce

    I love philosophical pug!

  • rvpsmdskpolo

    this made my day.

  • HaydenBrook

    Really, dogs are the best at making me laugh~!

  • justagirlinthehood

    So funny!

  • Jeeval Jeet

    Thats really really cute…! :) I was ‘LOLling’ but my MOm was rolling on the ground laughing and my Doggie looking amazed ! :)

  • Rock

    This. Is. Amazing.

  • Lea Can

    HAHAHA! I liked the Walgreens parking lot and the 25mph one the best!

  • Laura Garner

    My Poodles mother and daughter

  • Tiffany Gatt

    These are too cute

  • Niamh

    awwwh dogs light up the world :’)

  • Mary Singley

    Toooooo funny!!!!!!! Love those crazy dogs!! Never a dull moment when you have pets. ~~smile~~

  • ElleAndTwiler

    Funniest Thing EVER I Laughed wayyy to much at those haha loved it thanks for posting!!

  • Tenrico

    I love it!

  • valerie

    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny i love dogs

  • Name

    My dog is just like this :P

  • kaybee

    haha! I laughed too hard and too much at this

  • Cara

    haahaha love it! You guys are awesome! :)

  • Patounis Photography

    Haha , most the pictures are very funny but i love the one with the dog which is hiding between the desk and the wall because it felt guilty .

  • TJL

    Leaving a dog on it's own for 8 hours is cruel!

  • Janie

    I love the pictures. I was trying to figure out which one I like the most, but they're all really cute. I think my favorite may be the one with the dog that chewed up his teddy bear! Too cute.

  • http://N/A Dean Wiegert

    Dogs are our love of life, they can detect illness,depression,lonliness,and every other feelings we humans have.Remember spelled backwards they become GOD.

  • Shane

    love them all

  • gonzalarodriguez

    I have my dog he is funny he liketo play I tellhim sparky bringmeyour toy and he do bringit ilove him he is my bubu I call him bubu because he always criying when I bring him out side oh to the doctor he is my bubu

  • chris

    this is the type of thing that makes me want a dog

  • claire

    looove it!!

  • bigFATcook

    Haha, so cute, i love dogs

  • kian

    I love all them, they bring smile to me

  • Dibs

    Animals that press their heads against walls like in the first photo should take them to a vet, it is a sign poisoning or a brain problems.

  • Rick

    Some of the best dog pics and captions EVER!!

  • Glenda

    Some of the funniest photos I have seen. Loved them all.

  • @NothingButJane


  • Jwls

    Awesome Post!! LMAO!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • beautyness

    i love these dogs.. they're really a man's bestfriend

  • jeshi lee

    Sooooo cute! I love it! The only issue that people don't seem to realize is that if your dog presses its head against people or a objects like the poor dog in the first picture that is a sign of a painful neurological problem. :(

  • SilverFireStar

    Oh my goodness, storyofmydog……

  • creativculinary

    I just love dogs; this is illustrative of why.

  • Fabian Leon

    This is great!

  • Krissy

    Loved them! Especially the serious face the blue heeler is giving! I get the same face from my heeler all the time, lol.

  • Susan

    i have laughed until my face hurts! keep 'em coming!!

  • kelsey

    My dog holds onto me like the dog afraid of thunderstorms when he gets scared too. I loved this post.

  • @rupysk


  • Heidi

    I laughed through the whole thing! Dogs are amazingly readable. You always know what they've thinking by there actions.

    • SilverFireStar

      So true!!!!

  • getwiththeprogram


  • Sharon

    you also mentioned a fiancée, but no matter you have made my day the dogs are stars

  • josh

    sooooo, you have both a wife AND a girlfriend i guess

    • dolly girl

      It's not just one person posting these pictures!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    makes me want to get a dog today

  • angelica

    this is so hilarious and cute ^.^

  • Alissa

    Hilarious got couple dogs at home
    So have ven more laighs at home :-D

    • SiverFireStar

      I have a dog at home as well and she acts just like these dogs. Shes just like a human!

  • vvsig

    i donot like dogs as pets

    • Steph

      What?! You don't ducking like dogs?!?!?!?!!!! If you don't like them why go on this page…… That's about DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasana

    nice !!!

  • Jessica

    This was hilarious

  • jokeskopo

    wow, i love dogs and this is very funny. hahahahahaha

  • adam

    that last one is so mean! why would you do that to that poor dog? you're lucky it has to much self control to not jump up there and eat it.

    • Reba

      I was thinking exactly the same thing.

  • salaya

    the last dog is so adorable

  • Nancy

    Love it! Thanks for the laughs and awwwh's…:)

  • elsabean

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • comicsagogo

    I really like the Successful Day at the Park. My springer spaniel Chloe and I are both very happy when we go for a long walk/run through the woods. Afterwards, she sleeps like a log and and so do I since it gives me a break from The Ball.

  • teresaaugusto90

    They are amazing… <=)
    love dogs…and love my dogs as well

  • Arun Sengupta

    amazing pics… and awesome captions L

  • beeper

    I have laughed so much looking at these pictures. These are the kind of pica to look at any time you feel sick, down or heck anytime it has to make you feel great. Looooved them.

  • champ

    Feel like adopting a dog again.

  • brandon

    you have a lot of dogs

  • Julia

    Love these dogs :)

    • vandnamultivertex

      these are really loveval dogs:)

    • Madison

      Soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!