Shit I Want Wednesdays

April 11, 2012

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  • Lili Fines

    The newer ED lenses are ideal for those.

  • charley

    i'm pretty sure the "meat tenderizer" is illegal in all 50 states, esp. wimpy ol' california…

  • Sophie S

    I have like 20 of the coke can glasses. McDonald's gave them away one year in England, they give Coke glasses away every year. :)

  • Lauren

    I want to know where the swim up theater is and I want to know where to get the mustache crust things!

    Found you with a stumble :)

  • Nairyhipples

    The Coca Cola can glasses were given away en-masse in england, I think we have about 30 of them now, they were free with every burger from mcdonalds at one point.

  • Mr.Loto

    The mat is nice!

    I found you with a stumble.