Shit I Want Wednesdays

March 28, 2012

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  • Minh Aube

    Very good idea!

  • Vince Garlinger

    Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

  • Dekron

    Seems I am the only one to see the beer warmer as a fapping tool.

  • Thats what she said

    Thats what she said!! haha

  • Tony Reilly

    The first time in months that I have clicked on "I'm Feeling Lucky" and actually got an excellent Web site. Thankyou!

  • Michele W.

    Please, please let me know where I can find this super awesome all-in-one? I NEED one… if not for myself, then for someone I know. Must have!!!

    • admin

      I think someone down the comments list found out where they sell them Michele. Have a great weekend (long if you're in Canada)

  • Michele W.

    For the peeps that have the AWESOME toaster/coffee maker thingy: where do I get one?! I MUST have it!! For real- if anyone knows a site to find one… let me know!!!

  • Jenell Rawle

    Great site. Cheers for posting.

  • Brandon

    partyasaurus chick has an alkaline trio tat… so hot

    • Shannan

      Lol @ Brandon… Do you find her unusually hairy arms hot too?

  • Half Baked Potatoes

    First stumble of the day and I must have all of these! Well, msot of these

    click my name for a funny site

  • Trina

    Boy, go make your own damned pandawich! (Ha! "pandawich". :) Good one, Kenzii.)

  • john

    I wonder how much it could cost to build a garage like that for my geo storm

  • Print Man

    Love the driveway garage. Great idea if you cant add on to your house.

  • bonerific

    I want that ninja turtle beenie…and also the chick that's wearing it, she's fuckin' hottttttttttttttttttttt

  • gargamel

    skittles vodka is easily made by hand! same for JOLLY RANCHERS vodka! google the recipe. it's devilishly tasty and is very deceiving.

  • Darek


  • Kenzii89

    Woman, go make me a pandawich!!

  • Laptop Chennai

    Cool Designs

  • ilikejourney

    i like it, really lol

  • Jabroney

    I don't always eat panda-bread, but when I do, I prefer it made out of REAL PANDAS!

    • Ghandi

      You tried too hard buddy

  • Rachel

    Haha holy shit these would actually be so handy!

  • jack carter

    Skittles Vodka Nasty WTF

  • Kara

    i have the toilet mug ^^

  • Tracey, Scranton,PA

    the toilet mug is kinda gross, but I love the skittles vodka, you should send the idea to pinacle!

  • Ami

    I really enjoyed this.